Food Group International choose the best quality Rice
from original source in Thailand where known as kitchen of the world for you 

Food Group International is an independent Sugar/Rice/Food & Beverage trading in Thailand. We connect supply and demand effectively, profitably and sustainably. Our advantage is that we trade worldwide on all the major markets and act in every capacity from production to processing and distribution. Our approach is to identify and capture distinctive value for our clients whenever and wherever the supply and demand balance changes and the markets move.

Global Trading

Food Group International is a global trading in Sugar/Rice/Food & Beverage. We act throughout the value chain from farming, sourcing, processing and logistics to trading, risk management and merchandising. Each element of our expertise can be applied in the creation of tailored business solutions offering competitive advantage for our clients and partners.

Market Expertise

Food Group International success is built on a deep practical knowledge of the Sugar/Rice/Food & Beverage marketplace. Our multi-dimensional involvement gives us direct understanding of the dynamics affecting market performance including the agricultural, processing, logistical and financial imperatives. We use that knowledge to identify, create and capture opportunities for our clients in the short, medium and longer terms.
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